Top Countries for Cheap Traveling

Top Countries for Cheap Traveling
Top Countries for Cheap Traveling

Do you have a dream of traveling around the world? Every single person dreams of being able to explore countries from all over the world and get useful and meaningful experiences from it. However, some of them find it hard to do so because it surely needs a lot of money to explore the world. If you face the same problem, do not be worried. There are some affordable countries that you can visit for cheap traveling. Here they are.


The first affordable country for cheap traveling is Cambodia. Cambodia has been a favorite of many travelers from all over the world for the past few years. It is because this country offers affordable accommodations and meals, especially for backpackers. With only around $5 per person, you can already stay in a hostel. The accommodations for backpackers in Cambodia cost around $5 to $25. While for meals, you only need to spend around $5 for a meal. If you are interested to travel to this country, do not forget to visit Angkor Wat Archaeological Park: a temple included in the UNESCO world heritage site.

By only spending around $19, you can already explore and get around the historical temple. There are also many other temples with affordable entrance tickets in Cambodia that you can visit to see the pretty sunset view.


Not really far from Cambodia, Vietnam is also a favorite tourist destination for some travelers. This country is visited by many tourists recently because the government offers affordable prices for accommodation, local culinary, and also tourist spots. The accommodations in Vietnam cost around $7 per person. While for the meal, you only need to spend $15 for a complete tasty meal. You can even have a meal for $2 in a small local food stall. Vietnam has many beautiful beaches and historical tourist attractions, such as Cu Chi Tunnel, Hoa Lo Prison Museum, and War Remnants Museum. The locals are super friendly there. You will not disappoint traveling to this country.


Hungaria is a historical country in Europe. The accommodations and foods in this country are more affordable than in other European countries. You can visit the capital city of Hungaria, Budapest. In Budapest, you only need to spend less than $20 per person per night to stay in a small cottage. Affordable meals are also easy to find in this country. For a tourist attraction, try to visit the beautiful Balaton Lake that is located in Transdanubia, West Hungaria. You can also enjoy delicious cakes which are attractively served in Gerbeaud or visit a vineyard on Badacsony Hill.


Do not ever doubt how affordable it is traveling in Bulgaria. This country is ranked on 16 as the largest country in Europe so that you can explore many things and places here. Do not forget to visit Sophia, the second oldest city in Europe. You can enjoy delicious foods and beverages and also get accommodation for only around $30 per day. Bulgaria is suitable for you who love arts and history.

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